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Solar collectors COPERNIC

Solar heat : inexhaustible, available everywhere and, most importantly, free.


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Resulting from constant technological development, its performance is achieved through the careful integration of quality products.

Hot water storage tanks CALYSSÉE

Economical, with no limestone precipitation or buildup of bacteria.


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CALYSSÉE is a heat storage , energy efficient, which allows the production of healthy hot water in semi-instantaneous , thanks to its innovative technology , high performance and proven.

Kit H-Cube

Only system of its kind to have a technical evaluation document pertaining to solar collectors !


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By using our COPERNIC collectors, this original system was awarded a technical notice from CSTB (French scientific and technical building center); this notice is mandatory for insurance-purposes for systems installed by professionals.


French Manufacturer of Innovative Solar Thermal Equipment
TEL. :+33 (0) 561 444 689 www.heliofrance.com
SARL au capital de 1.570.000 euros – RCS TOULOUSE 50894589600027