Solar collectors COPERNIC

Collective and individual thermal solar systems

Resulting from constant technological development, its performance is achieved through the careful integration of quality products. HELIOFRANCE designs its solar collectors to meet the most stringent quality standards and ensure high performance. The use of a solar collector today is the most efficient way to harness solar heat. Thanks to the technology used, our solar collector will allow you to make the most of your installations.

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Vertical format or horizontal format with lateral connections

2,32 m² or 2,72 m² – Superimposition or chassis mount

Other dimensions available upon request

The COPERNIC solar collectors tanks are the product of constant technological development ; their performance is achieved through the careful integration of quality products :

  • Selective coating of the absorber with vacuum-deposited aluminum.
  • Absorber and capillary network linked by 25.000 laser impacts.
  • Single hydraulic network in a continuous coil.
  • Reliability, robustness and optimized heat exchange.
  • Flows that self-balance starting with two solar collectors.
  • Elaborate thermal insulation.
  • Thick glass with low iron content.
  • Unalterable antireflection coating.
  • Our solar colletors are SolarKeymark-certified, a guarantee of quality and performance.
  • Our line of products was awarded a technical notice from CSTB, a guarantee of safety and durability.
  • Fast and secure mountings.
  • Quick connections.
  • Performance excellence.
  • Elegant design.
  • Can be assembled so that no daylight gets through.
  • 10-year warranty.
COPERNIC lineH232V232H272V272H145
Overall dimensions (mm)1870x1241x901241x1870x902192x1241x901241x2192x902192 x 663 x 90
Total area2.32 m²2.32 m²2.72 m²2.72 m²1,45 m²
Optical area / absorber2.20 m²2.20 m²2.60 m²2.60 m²1,35 m²
Empty weight40kg39,5kg49kg48,5kg29,5kg
Min-max tilt20° to 90° (drain back system), 0° to 90° (pressurized)
Max. operating pressure10 bar
Stagnation temperature189°C
GlazingToughened glass - width of 4 mm, anti-reflective, 96% transparency or classic
Absorption coefficient95%
IR emissivity coefficient5%
Solar collector boxAluminum section welded at the corners - Black or Metal
Warranties10 years