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Collective and individual thermal solar systems

Resulting from constant technological development, its performance is achieved through the careful integration of quality products. HELIOFRANCE solar colletors are SolarKeymark-certified, a guarantee of quality and performance. Our line of products was awarded a technical notice from STCB, (French scientific and technical building center) a guarantee of safety and durability.

COPERNIC Solar Collectors

Technology & Innovation

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Instantaneous indivudual domestic hot water production


CALYSSEE is a heat storage , energy efficient, which allows the production of healthy hot water in semi-instantaneous , thanks to its innovative technology , high performance and proven.

The combination of several technologies makes the accumulation and storing of energy possible for ultérior use. Its ideal materials, its original internal architecture, its reinforced insulation and its oversized heat exchangers all contribute to its outstanding performance. Unlike conventional hot water storage tanks, CALYSSÉE 300 produces flawless domestic hot water!

Hot Water Storage Tanks CALYSSEE

Technologie & Innovation

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Solar Thermal Kit H-Cube : Only system of its kind to have a technical evaluation document pertaining to solar collectors !

Combining the CALYSSÉE 300, hot water storage tank with our COPERNIC solar collectors and a solar regulator, exclusively designed to optimize these materials, results in remarkable energy savings. CALYSSÉE 300 can be installed on the inside or the outside of the heating jacket, thus meeting the requirements of passive constructions. By using our COPERNIC collectors, this original system was awarded a technical notice from CSTB (French scientific and technical building center) ; this notice is mandatory for insurance-purposes for systems installed by professionals.

Solar Thermal Kit H-CUBE

High Performance

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