Hot water storage tanks CALYSSÉE

Instantaneous individual domestic hot water production

CALYSSEE is a heat storage , energy efficient, which allows the production of healthy hot water in semi-instantaneous , thanks to its innovative technology , high performance and proven.

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Economical, with no limestone precipitation or buildup of bacteria

The combination of several technologies makes the accumulation and storing of energy possible for ultérior use. Its ideal materials, its original internal architecture, its reinforced insulation and its oversized heat exchangers all contribute to its outstanding performance. Unlike conventional hot water storage tanks, CALYSSÉE 300 produces flawless domestic hot water!

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  • Multisources:
    Can simultaneously receive up to three sources of heat :
    Boiler (wood, pellet, heat pump, etc.), … Electrical resistor, …, Solar system.
  • Energy efficient :
    Reinforced rigid foam insulation for minimum losses ! 2 synthetic skins around a reinforced insulation : 30-50% more efficient than a typical hot water storage tank.
  • Perfect sanitation:
    Instantaneous production with no bacterial growth for perfect water !
  • Zero Maintenance :
    Technology with no corrosion or scale deposits.
  • Innovative system
    With the drain-back system setup, the tank water is used as coolant. An environmentally friendly solution, with no overheating or frost worries !
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Compact form :
    The hot water storage tank is installed in a closet 60 cm deep.
  • Easy Installation:
    The connections are all accessible from the top. With the drain-back system, there is no element to add.
Thermal non solarThermal solarThermal solar
Boiler | Heat pumpDrain-back systemPressurized
First auxiliaryElectricityBoiler | Heat PumpElectricity
Second auxiliary-Electricity-
Empty weight50 kg | 54 kg58 kg | 60 kg56 kg
Hot water storage tank total capacity300L
Dimensions (HxLxD)180 x 67 x 55cm
Max temperature of the Technical water88°C
Heat loss at 60°C - Tint = 70°c et Text = 20°c²1,2 kWh/24h
Technical water filling systemIntegrated
Heat exchanger volume20L*/30L**
Heat transfer area with Technical water4.5m²*/7.5m²
WarrantiesLifetime Warranty on the Tank
Static elements : 10 years
Electronic elements : 2 years
* : System for 2-3 people | ** : System for 4-5 people

Energy use comparison for 4 people, including losses * :
100% electric, gas or fuel oil : (+/-) 2140kWh
Thermodynamic (COP :1,9 **) : (+/-) 1126kWh
Typical solar water heater *** : (+/-) 675kWh
CALYSSÉE 300*** system : <563kWh
(*) : According to report RAGE 09-2014 / COSTIC. (**) : Annual energy consumption, for 160 liters of hot water per day (4 people), including losses. (***) : 70% coverage rate)